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Thanks to the internet, I am able to work with clients literally all over the world. How does this work?

  • You send me some movement assessment videos, along with a few posture photos, and a thorough injury history.
  • Based on analysis of the above materials, I produce a Findings Report (sample report coming soon), and design a targeted corrective Home Exercise Program addressing your individual issues and goals.
  • I have found this is the most time and cost effective way of working with my clients. I gain a ton of information by zooming in and out, and rewatching literally seconds of your movement videos. The more information I gather up front, the more honed — and therefore more effective — your individualized Home Exercise Program!

Video Analysis Intake Package Includes:

  • Analysis of prerequisite materials (videos, photos, injury history). You will receive a pdf Findings Report.
  • Design of targeted Home Exercise Program addressing your individual issues and goals.
  • A kit of exercise props we use in all Home Exercise Programs.
  • An email with links to videos of all your exercises.
  • Follow-up via email exchange. In order for your Home Exercise Program to be effective, specificity is paramount. Once you have become familiar with your program, you send me videos of you doing your exercises, a status update, and questions. You will receive an email fine-tuning your form.

Investment: $325 (NOTE: if you already have foot wedges the package is discounted $25)

To Book:

Please send an email to margy@flowmotioneducation.com. I will send you instructions on assembling your pre-requisite materials (gait and other movement videos, photos, injury history).