Live Online Case Study Nerd Out w/ Monika and Margy

Get inside the heads of Monika and Margy as we puzzle through movement assessments and movement solutions

The first Wednesday of every month(-ish), Monika and Margy will let our movement nerd flags fly as we do some movement detective work on actual cases! We will set the stage by reviewing relevant joint biomechanics for our case study subject’s primary complaint. Gait assessment will be an integral part of our case study. We will verbalize our thought process and take questions as we go.

When: Come join us on zoom: June 1st, 7 -10 a.m. Pacific Time

This Month’s Case Study: We are bringing Jessi back for a follow-up on her chronic knee pain case. In person, so Margy will actually get to palpate her bones!!! In her Intake session we found an interesting connection between her jaw (yes jaw!!!) and her knee. In this follow-up session, we will continue with assessment, and we will develop a Home Program (i.e. offer a solution), as well as instruct her on her exercises. A recording of the Intake Session is available for an additional $30.

Cost: $30.

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